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The Quatrains

Michel de Nostradame, whose latinized name was Nostradamus, was born on Dec. 14th, 1503, in San Remy de Provence, in France. In 1522, Nostradamus studied medicine and received his Doctors degree from the Mont Pellier School of Medicine. During his years as a student, Nostradamus also studied alchemy and astrology which he incorporated in his prophetic writings.

Nostradamus was a highly intelligent man and wrote "everything proceeds from the divine power of almighty God, from whom all goodness emanates". During his years as a doctor, Nostradamus penned 1000 predictions about the future. These prophetic predictions have been the focus of attention since 1555 when they were first published.

One thing is for certain, Nostradamus took the good times for granted because he seldom wrote about them.Therefore, the majority of his quatrains deal with war, famine, plague, social conflict, revolution, earthquakes, flooding, and other calamitous events. Nostradamus referred to the ten chapters of his famous book, The Centuries, as "centuries", although they have nothing to do with 100 year cycles. Each of the centuries (or chapters) contain 100 prophetic quatrains, except for Century VII, which has 42, for a total of 942 prophecies.

Nostradamus intentionally confused the chronological order of his quatrains (a four line prophetic stanza which constitutes one of his prophecies) as a way to make the interpretation of future events slightly more difficult.The interpretation of some quatrains are very specific, others more general in nature. The clearly stated quatrains speak for themselves, requiring little interpretation. Most quatrains, however, require a detailed examination.

Some readers might discover that it takes time to get a feel for reading the quatrains. The more you read them however, the easier it is to make sense of them. Most readers might be shocked by the perceived contents of some quatrains, for in many ways The Centuries reads like a book of 1,001 future disasters. Nostradamus stated in the Epistle, that as time goes on, he perceived his prophecies to carry more weight. This is interesting and seemingly correct, especially considering that as time passes, with a little hindsight, we can see the past from a clearer perspective. In the preface ( a letter dedicated to his son Caesar), Nostradamus stated that his prophetic quatrains were covered with a veil cloud, but are clear enough to be comprehended by men of good intelligence.

Some quatrains were written in a manner that suggests a chronology of time from the beginning of the quatrain to its end. The first line or two of this type of quatrain may pertain to one given period of time, while the lines following it may apply to a time frame later than the lines before it. While this chronological rule does not apply to all quatrains, it seems to apply to some.

The majority of the quatrains pertain to the geographical regions of France, Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. A few quatrains pertain to the New World, one pertains to the Moon, and a few others make references to outer space.

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