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The Hypothetical Chronology

The challenge was to unveil the future as we enter the third millennium A.D. Nostradamus was a man who had a message, yet making sense of his message would be in vain unless a clearer view of potential future events could be obtained. Remember the Future, The Prophecies of Nostradamus (an abridged version of The Centuries) attempts to focus on events which could possibly be fulfilled between 2000 and 2050. However, some of the quatrains included in this book may not be fulfilled until decades or centuries later.

If it appears that Nostradamus was accurate in his predictions pertaining to the last four centuries, then odds are his future predictions pertaining to natural disasters, Euro/Arabic conflicts, the war with the future third antichrist, and other events, are most likely accurate and relevant as well. We could build a case for the accuracy of the quatrains pertaining to the future based upon the perceived accuracy of Nostradamus' quatrains pertaining to the past.

With this in mind, we should consider that Nostradamus was a Frenchman of Jewish descent, he was a Christian and appeared to be interested in protecting his homeland of France, the followers of Christianity (as well as all of humanity) against future danger and the potential enemies of peace.

In an attempt to make sense of the future we can develop hypothetical scenarios of possible future events by linking certain quatrains together with other quatrains of similar subject matter, time frames, and geographical regions. Due to Nostradamus' intentional confusion of linear time in the sequence of the quatrains it is possible to construct hypothetical scenarios of future events which might later be proven correct, or incorrect (considering the fact that we, in most cases, can only guess in which century any particular quatrain was intended to be fulfilled). Though this process could be analogous to solving the "ultimate" cross- word puzzle (regarding time frames and events), this perplexing challenge remains fair-game. After all, we are in possession of the pieces of the puzzle, so our challenge is to recognize topical themes, and attempt to determine the time sequence of their potential future fulfillment.

With this in mind, the following are brief hypothetical scenarios of what may possibly lay ahead in the future, if some of the quatrains included in this book were intended to be fulfilled before the year 2050. These "worst-case" scenarios are followed by a wide range of potential years in which "some" of these events could possibly occur.

With the exception of quatrain #10-72 (which plainly states the year 1999) and quatrains #2-46 and #10-74 (which mention the change of a millennium -- suggesting the times around the years 2000 or 3000), all the other dates presented in this chapter were obtained by information contained in the astrological quatrains. Please refer to the chapter titled the Astrological Quatrains for a detailed explanation of how these potential dates were derived. Rather than attempting to formulate a sequential year-to-year chronology, general themes concerning future wars and natural disasters are presented, followed by some of the hypothetical dates in which they have the potential to occur (between 2000 and the year 2050 A.D.).

Though present political and military alliances may endure into the future, readers should consider the possibility that these alliances, as they exist now, may differ slightly from the ones which might be formed (or restructured) during the progression of the 21st century. Therefore, the possibility for the emergence of new international alliances and confederations (some being favorable to the West, others adverse) certainly exists, especially in Africa, the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, and various parts of Asia.

Quatrain # 2-89 appears to suggest that the United States and Russia would one day be "friends" again, and their combined power would appear to grow. Since the collapse of the Iron Curtain, and up to the millennial era, this has indeed been the case. However, quatrain #4-95 and #5-78 seem to suggest that this friendship might be short lived (if these quatrains are in fact references to the United States and Russia). If by chance this later becomes true, the reversal of friendship between them could impact many global events to come.

In quatrain # 10-72, Nostradamus predicted an event for July (or September) of 1999 which involved some type of military combat, or other event, by means of the sky. It appears that it foreshadowed NATO's air-war in Serbia, the military tension between China and Taiwan, Russia's war in Chechyna, and the tragic death of John F. Kennedy Jr. Due to the timeliness of this prophecy, this particular quatrain aroused great curiosity among the public.

Beyond the events around the change of the millennium, it appears that conflicts between Christian and Islamic nations have the potential to occur. This could involve one or a combination of the following nations: Iran, Afghanistan, Algeria, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, various nations of the former Soviet Union, and others; against Turkey, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, and various allies of these nations.

By land, various Islamic armies (and their allies) might one day invade Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, the former Yugoslavia, Austria, and eventually march towards Italy, attacking the Italians and other forces located there. From Italy, the invaders could then attack other nations in various parts of Europe. It appears that Greece might endure chemical or biological warfare in these conflicts (see quatrains #9-91, #5-47, and #6-21). Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Libya may attempt to vex Egypt by land. By sea, these same North African nations appear to invade the southern coastline of France, Monaco, and Spain (then deeper into Europe).

Some of these conflicts could occur in one massive sweep. Or, they might take place over an extended period of years. In addition to land war, these conflicts seem to involve heavy naval warfare in the Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian and Aegean Seas. The nations of N.A.T.O. (or its future equivalent) and their various allies appear to eventually prevail in these conflicts.

The fate of Israel remains unclear. However, in paragraph #34 of the Epistle, Nostradamus states that Jerusalem might be assailed on all sides, and a Western naval force (from the United States and or other nations in the New World) will help Israel in fighting the forces of its future adversaries.

According to astrological information the years for the potential occurrence of these conflicts (between the period of 2000 to 2050) might be: 2000, 2002, 2013, 2015-16, 2017, 2019, 2021, 2030, 2037, 2038, and 2044.

One should consider the possibility that Euro/Arabic or "Muslim/Christian" conflicts might occur before, during, or after the war with the yet-to-arrive third antichrist. How Euro/Arabic conflicts inter-relate with the war with the third antichrist is unclear at this time. Some of them will be part of his war, and some of them might be precursory or unrelated independent events.

Nostradamus appears to suggest that the future third antichrist will come from a region east of the Black Sea. In paragraph #23 of the Epistle he states that "the grand Empire of the Antichrist shall begin in the region of the former empire of Attila" (Attila was the leader of the Asian Huns who invaded Europe during the fifth century). Nostradamus refers to the third antichrist as "the new Xerxes" (Xerxes was the Persian king who unsuccessfully invaded Greece in 480 B.C.).

Nostradamus intentionally used the names "Attila" and "Xerxes" as allusions to personality types and geographical areas. Thus, in a geographical sense, this suggests that he was referring to various regions of eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The army of the third antichrist (an enemy of peace) will begin its trek towards Europe from a region between the Caspian and Black Seas. It appears that they will pass through Alania (southwestern Russia) and Armenia, then into Turkey (quatrain #5-54). From there they invade most all of Europe.

The naval forces of the third antichrist will be accompanied by the Libyan fleet into the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas (quatrain #1-9). One of the climaxes of this future conflict appears to be a colossal naval engagement in the Adriatic Sea (quatrain #5-27). Island locations which sustain damage in this war include Malta, Euboea, Sicily, Sardinia, the Dodecanese Islands, and the Cyclades.

If the Russians are "not" allied with Europe and the West during the beginning of this war, Nostradamus states in the Epistle that a northern king from Aquilon (an allusion to Russia) will eventually help to set things right.

This suggests that if the Russians are allied against Europe and the New World at the start of this conflict, they will reverse their position at some future point during the hostilities, and militarily realign themselves with Europe and the West in an effort to quash the "Easterners". As used in Nostradamus' Epistle, "Easterners" would be a reference to the citizens of China, former Soviet nations in central and eastern Asia, the Muslim nations of the Middle East and Asia, and or other countries of the Orient.

Therefore, in consideration of all the prophetic information contained in the quatrains and Epistle, it appears likely that China, in an alliance with certain Muslim nations (and other countries) might be the source of future troubles for many nations around the world.

Apparently, various nations who embrace Christianity will be military targets of the third antichrist. Nostradamus clearly states in his Epistle that the followers of Christianity will face a horrific persecution in the future.

The war with the future third antichrist, according to Nostradamus, will last for the duration of 27.5 years (suggesting a protracted war). N.A.T.O., S.E.A.T.O. (or their future equivalent) and their allies appear to be victorious over the third antichrist's forces. However there appears to be great losses on both sides of this futuristic conflict.

Nostradamus appears to suggest that various regions will one day be struck by missiles (in Europe, the West and elsewhere). New York City might be the location of a direct hit (see quatrains #4-99 and #6-97).

In paragraph #33 of the Epistle, Nostradamus states that a pestilence will develop in the future which will remove two-thirds of the world's population. Could this be a reference to futuristic nuclear or biological war? If so, could this possibly be connected with the third antichrist's war?

When will the third antichrist make his appearance? Will he appear sometime during the first or second quarter of the twenty-first century? It seems possible, yet the answer remains unclear. Hopefully he will never manifest himself and the world will be spared from his wrath.

However, if he makes his appearance before the year 2050, hypothetical years for events which might involve him could be: 2000, 2002, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2024, 2026, 2028, 2030, 2038, 2041, 2043, 2044, and 2049.

In his Epistle, Nostradamus stated that at some point in the future, global flooding will occur. No specific date is mentioned regarding its occurrence, except that it will happen sometime "after" the fall of the future third antichrist.

Some scientists have suggested that the possibility of universal flooding is not as remote as it may seem. Global warming appears to be real and the average temperature of the Earth continues to rise year after year, possibly due to carbon emissions from the combustion of coal and oil, and other human related factors (and not necessarily due to the natural variations of the Earth's climate).

If atmospheric heating continues, sea levels could rise as much as three feet in the next century, and if that occurs, the universal flood Nostradamus predicted could one day become reality. A world-wide flood would have a devastating effect upon the Earth.

In addition to flooding, if global warming continues, it could affect rainfall patterns resulting in droughts and famine, affecting the spread of various infectious diseases. And considering the fact that Nostradamus penned many predictions pertaining to droughts, famines, floods, and pestilences, it should serve as a warning to us to consider the long term consequences of this perplexing phenomenon.

Some modern commentators feel that Nostradamus hints at the possibility of a future polar shift, as per the text in paragraph #24 of the Epistle. In example, the on-going heating of the Earth could melt the ice in the polar regions creating not only floods, but producing conditions that could allow for an "off balancing" of the Earth on its axis.

If a polar-shift were to occur, it would cause our planet to quickly shift upon its axis, making a correction to reestablish a new center of its gravity. In the opinion of many modern scientists, in geological terms the Earth is long over due for a polar shift. A polar shift would be quite devastating and could trigger earthquakes and tidal waves (as well as the long term failure of crops and eco-systems).

Some have hypothesized that the gravitational effect created by an alignment of various planets within our own solar system could also serve as a catalyst to produce a polar shift. Another event which could trigger a polar shift could be a collision between the Earth and an asteroid or comet (as occurred on Jupiter in 1994).

According to Velikovsky, a student of Einstein, polar shifts have occurred frequently throughout the geological history of the Earth as referenced in his books Earth in Upheaval and Worlds in Collision. And in the opinion of many modern scientists, in geological terms -- the Earth is long overdue for a polar shift.

It remains speculation as to whether or not Nostradamus was trying to suggest a polar shift by use of the phrase "the grand translation". But if we consider that Nostradamus frequently used synonyms in his writing, we should consider it as a future possibility.

If a universal flood, massive earthquakes, a polar shift, or a mighty tidal wave were to occur at some point in the future, it could act as an accelerant, initiating hostilities between nations who might otherwise be at peace with one another. A catastrophe of great magnitude might compel the militaries (and citizens) of the various nations affected by it to panic in the chaos and fight over the remaining food and resources, as they scramble for safe ground.

In regards to future earthquakes (between 2000-2050), possible dates for their occurrence, as per astronomical information contained in the quatrains are as follows: earthquakes in America and/or Italy -- 2015, 2016, 2044; earthquakes in Asia -- 2013 and 2026; world-wide earthquakes -- 2048. But readers should bare in mind that Nostradamus did not make predictions for "every" earthquake which will rock our Earth in the future. Earthquakes can occur (in various regions) at anytime and with no warning at all.

After the defeat of the third antichrist, and the passing of the great flood, Nostradamus states in his Epistle that a one thousand year period of peace will prevail upon the planet. Then, new wars appear to present themselves (perhaps around the year 3100).

Hopefully the future will be more positive than the gloomy hypothetical scenarios presented in this chapter. After all, considering that Nostradamus took "the good times" for granted, we must assume that many positive and wondrous events will transpire inbetween future periods of peril. With the exception of natural disasters, which mankind can affect, but cannot presently control, the future is somewhat in our hands to mold.

Or is it?

Perhaps the challenge presented to humanity by Nostradamus' writings is to be observant, to heed the warning signs he left for our benefit. Hopefully, then, we will be better able to formulate intelligent alternatives to disaster.

If we heed Nostradamus' warnings and make a concerted effort to preserve the Earth's environment, and avoid disputes among nations, then his predictions will have served the purpose of steering mankind away from self-destruction.

If, on the other hand, we prove to be incapable of avoiding conflicts and disasters, then at least we have some idea of what the darker side of the future may hold.

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