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Operation Desert Storm

Quatrain 6 - 33

"Sa main dernière par Alus sanguinaire,
Ne se pourra par la mer garantir:
Entre deux fleuves craindre main militaire,
Le noir l'ireux le fera repentir."

His final hand through Alus,
he will be unable to protect himself by sea.  
Between two rivers he will fear the military hand, 
the black one, irate, will make him regret it.

"His final hand (Saddam Hussein's final military advance) through Alus (an anagram for Saul, perhaps a fictitious name of an Iraqi commander), he (Saddam) will be unable to protect himself by sea (Coalition naval forces bombed and shelled Saddam's military assets by sea, followed by an amphibious assault of Kuwait).  Between two rivers (in the geographic region between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, in Iraq) he (Saddam) will fear the military hand (attack from Coalition forces). The black one, irate (perhaps a reference to General Colin Powell, commander of the Coalition forces and a gentleman with a self-admitted bad temper) will make him (Saddam) regret it" (the invasion of Kuwait and the missile attacks on Israel and Saudi Arabia).

This quatrain seems to fit some of the people and events associated with Operation Desert Storm in 1991.  It appears connected to quatrains #3-61 and #8-70.  In quatrain #3-61, Nostradamus states “the crusaders will array themselves in Mesopotamia (the ancient name for Iraq)”.  And in consideration of the fact that Operation Iraqi Freedom (of 2003) is in some ways “a repeat” of Desert Storm, we see history repeating itself once again.

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